Gareth Hedges

Founder, H2O Safety Consulting

Gareth advises aquatic facilities nationwide, including YMCAs, camps, municipalities, and water parks. Gareth has trained thousands of aquatics professionals and has presented at safety conferences nationally and internationally.

Prior to founding H2O Safety, Gareth served as President of The Redwoods Group, a mission-driven insurance company focused on child safety. In his 16 years with Redwoods, Gareth has served as Chief Claims Officer, General Counsel, Director of Consulting, and as a Risk Management Specialist in Aquatic and Child Safety.

Gareth currently serves as the Chair for the Darkness to Light Board of Directors and is a member of the Board for Habitat for Humanity of Durham. Gareth received a BS in Public Policy from Georgia Tech in 2003, and a JD from Albany Law School in 2009. He is licensed to practice law in North Carolina and New York.


Claims and Litigation Management

Aquatics International 


Purpose, Profit, and the Future of Work

True change-makers in the aquatic industry look beyond the pool deck. Here--at the Georgia Tech Institute for Leadership and Social Impact Speaker Series--Gareth discusses how any organization must be future-focused and connected to big-picture societal trends in order to be relevant, successful, and impactful in its community.


Organizations can, and should be, a force for good. In this presentation, Gareth describes how the Redwoods Group turned the traditional insurance model on its head and helped transform how youth-serving organizations transport kids and guard their pools, and it has played a key role in building a movement to prevent child sexual abuse. 

This presentation concludes with a discussion on the future of human work in an increasingly automated society, and the role that future business leaders play in promoting unique human skills and values.